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Newly added links, yet to be sorted. Many of these I just visit once and list here to make it easier to find them later:

[recently, I've been using and tagging certain links 'for:sdtjdph']

The main excitement today was from an ad for the Bike Prom in this week's CityBeat. So, we have primarily a bunch of myspace sites linking to younger bicycle & related social events, activism:
Other links I saved up:

Tijuana trips:
Backyard Urban Farming
Misc:From Keith Pezzoli
  • Cafe San Diego seeks to have posts by a different local leader each weekday. I find it difficult to read/follow but there are good topics and posters who are leading organizations. I might say that it is an example of what this blog could become--but they're doing that, so I guess we'll be doing something different.
  • San Diego Suburban Newspapers (google)
  • Echo Media suburban newspapers

from Dan
Garden related:2008-01-31
  • Debbie, who blogs at Sand Dragon Green was at our tech meeting yesterday.
  • Sunroot Gardens -- bike-based, urban, community-supported agriculture. Thanks to Mike in Portland.

The poetry bench in Balboa Park. Candy Vanderhoff told the story of getting this built at the City Repair meeting last Tuesday, and of the effects of meeting there each month to read poetry. Inspiring. Readings are first Sunday of the month at noon. Anyone want to add the location to the permaculture sites map?


San Diego Civic Solutions


San Diego Regional Sustainability Partnership

Move San Diego --Michael Brennan writes: Their organization has gone to great lengths to come up with viable and comprehensive alternatives to the region's current transit plans. It is quite interesting and is worth checking out and signing up for their email list.

And on native plants, water conservation gardening, rare fruits, thanks to Philip Dunn:

One of the more relevant links is their gardening with
natives section:

You should also check out the CA Rare Fruit Growers
group if you are looking for edible natives. 2008 is
their "Year of the Avocado."

And here's one with lots of local resources:
Advocacy / Education / ?
Local to me
To study when I have more time
Some San Diego bloggers with links to many other local blogs

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