Monday, January 7, 2008

Addressing the neglect of TJ on this blog; looking for two SD & two TJ editors

Here are a few ideas.

  • Have two editors per region (two for SD, two for TJ) who invite contributors for each area.
  • We can find TJ bloggers/ organizers partly by doing a blogger profile search on Tijuana. Here is a recycling blog and a dynamic individual's profile and list of blogs I found by doing that. We can also talk with south county organizers to get their suggestions. I plan to invite Daniel (San Diego Tijuana Border Blog) for that reason.
  • Start a version of this blog in Spanish. We could have both Spanish and English posts in the existing blog, but a separate blog may be better, and there could be occasional posting of translations of certain posts on one blog to the other.
  • Encourage posts to the maps in any language, and then add translations.
  • There are cultures in both regions we'd like to have contribute whose preferred language may not be English or Spanish. Seek and cultivate contributors who can help the blog present a more complete and helpful view of the region.
Editors Needed

I'm currently looking for two people to be San Diego editors and two to be Tijuana editors. You would handle the tasks of inviting contributors and of updating the invited contributors page. You would be helping make decisions about the direction and design of the blog and about who would contribute, and you'd encourage contributors to post.

Too Broad?

It wouldn't hurt to question whether SD/TJ is too broad a focus for this blog. My feeling has been that there are many regional resource use issues that will be of interest, and that there are many who live on one side of the border who are interested in what happens on the other for various reasons. Also, beginning with such a broad focus may support the creation of neighborhood and sub-regional groups dedicated to caring for the commons.

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