Sunday, January 27, 2008

Welcome from the SD River Park

Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself and our efforts to create the San Diego River Park. Not only are we trying to create a healthy river system but a place that is also designed for people with a variety of different experiences and opportunities to learn about the river, our history, and have some healthy fun, too!

Included in the vision is to establish and support community gardens. We want native plant gardens, food producing gardens and gardens with non-invasive ornamental plants. We think gardens are a great way to introduce people to nature!

Anyways, that is a short introduction of our efforts to establish this 52 mile long park system. If you would like to know more, just let me know.

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Colin Leath said...

Rob (I'm pretty sure that's you),
Thanks for posting! I hope that the SD River Park Foundation and other organizations, even though they have their own news and calendars, would take the time to post occasional updates here, and perhaps to create a calendar that is easy to share/republish.

It could also be neat to create a San Diego River Google Map Channel that we could display on the map channels page, which would contain information about the SDRPF projects and sites.

Maybe someday all that will happen for SDRPF, SD County Bicycle Coalition, and other groups.

Thanks again for posting and helping to motivate me to clean up the site's appearance a bit.

I haven't really been thinking or acting strategically to accomplish what I've mentioned here. But that may change if others see the value in that kind of collaboration and want to help make it happen.