Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Geographic information about the San Diego / Tijuana region

Here are data sources, some of which could be good to include in our map channels map.

Note that many of the map stubs I've already created point to the as yet un-KML-ified data source inspiring the stub.




An example of what could be done for SD:
  • Calendars can be mapped to the area they are most relevant to. The same could be done for links to organizations. There could be a "blog of things to be mapped". Items could be tagged for the map they should appear on, and geocoded in some way--point, polygon, or line. The events calendar on the site could eventually become a map of calendars. As it is, the calendar focuses on east-central SD County.
  • Conservation Regional Map and Members
  • Wilderness4all ("Dedicated to education, exploration and advocacy for wild rivers and wild lands in the San Diego region": Maps of San Diego Region Proposals
I'll update this page in the same manner as I do my calendar and links pages, and mention in my future, less frequent posts if I've updated these pages.

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