Tuesday, January 29, 2008

About the name

The following is reprinted from a post on my personal blog. The name of this site is open to change-- "SD/TJ Design, Plant, Harvest" is not at all simple to tell to someone and have them remember. Below is some of my reasoning.

I think what is happening with the blog is

the creation of a public space. It is meant to be a page where people meet, collaborate, and are able to go their separate ways, but they are all benefited by sharing a space with many others with different foci, yet a similar underlying goal.

"Design, Plant, Harvest" references the three things I at least sometimes neglect. Am I just "planting" (doing, doing, quick intuition, mindless fiddling), neglecting to design? Am I just designing (thinking, dreaming, hesitating in indecision), neglecting to plant? And have I planted, but never harvest--?

"Design", influenced by permaculture's emphasis on design, was the title briefly.

And I do want the blog to have more than just gardening info, but value having consideration of all the rest (land, water, energy use) rooted in the organic gardening, permaculture design metaphor.

But maybe all that will be left behind and the site will go in directions I don't forsee.

Maybe it will be no more than a demo that inspires some other project.

So, now is a time to stop and design what I'm doing--the aesthetics of working with the computer--what kind of experience do I want to harvest here, to help our mind, body have?

Today I discovered SD Foundation for Change's "Plant, Water, Nurture" statement about what they do. That pushed me to get around to publishing this little statement about the name SDTJDPH, as I had been meaning to do.

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