Monday, January 28, 2008


Technical and design changes to the site (at least some of them) are listed here. And also:

Unresolved Issues (though maybe we'll put this on its own page):

  • The events calendar and the map channels involve editorial decisions about what content appears there. As mentioned in Operating Procedure, it could be best to keep the site itself fairly content-neutral (with only the check, "are they caring for the commons? Is there a way they could be seen as caring for the commons?"), while enabling contributors to share their different perspectives. As it is now, the calendar is focused on east-central San Diego. Map channels is less of a problem, it is just waiting for more content. In the future, the events calendar page could simply point to a list (or to a map) of calendars, and individual contributors can compile and share the calendars most of interest to them or to their neighborhoods.



  • Made the mapchannels map default to slideshow & terrain view, and set the sidebar to be initially collapsed.


  • Made authors' names appear at the top of each of their posts, linked to their profiles. The name at the bottom also links to the profile now. If you change your display name, the link will be broken. Let me know if you change your name. If you haven't yet posted, the link will also be broken until I add you to the list in the script.


  • Modified the border images to correspond to changing the template's width.


  • Changed template width so that larger maps could be displayed. The relevant numbers are: 740 -> 950px & 485 -> 695 px

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