Friday, December 21, 2007

Customize the feed

By subscribing to a site's feed, your reader is updated or you are notified by email when there are new posts. By email, you'll be notified once a day; readers update more often.

If you don't want our whole feed, it is easy to subscribe to part of it. Maybe you want to read posts by only two of the contributors, or maybe you want to read just the posts that mention Tijuana. Here's how to filter the feed so you can do that:

[note: if this how-to is ever out of date, do a search for rss filter or feed filter and you should find something that helps.]


Enabling email subscriptions to filtered feeds is more involved. So perhaps only contributors will be interested in the following instructions in order to make it easier for their fans to subscribe by email to their posts.

If you don't want to enable email subscriptions, you can skip the following list. If you still want to create a link to the filtered feed, skip to #11, and modify the example there to point to your filtered feed.

To create a feed with your own title, description, and stable address using feedburner:

  1. Take the URL of the filtered feed you made at refilter or feed rinse. For Administrator, using refilter, this looks like this: ""
  2. Paste it into the form at, and click 'Next >>'.
  3. For the feed title, perhaps put "Your Name at SD/TJ Design, Plant, Harvest". For the feed address, perhaps "sdtjdphyourname" or "YourNameAtSDTJPH".
  4. You'll need to enter info for a new account, and then click 'Activate Feed >>'.
  5. The address for your new feed is displayed. To enable email subscriptions, you'll need to continue. Click 'Next >>'.
  6. You may want to check the "Clickthroughs" and "I want more! . . ." options. Click 'Next >>'. You should now see several tabs: Analyze, Optimize, Publicize, Monetize, Troubleshootize.
  7. Click the 'Optimize' tab, then, in about the middle of the list of links on the left, click 'Title/Description Burner'.
  8. For the 'New Title', put something like "Your Name at SD/TJ Design, Plant, Harvest". For 'New Description' put something like "Your Name's posts at SD/TJ Design, Plant, Harvest". If you don't do this, the title and description of your new feed will be the same as those of the original feed. Click 'Activate'.
  9. To enable email subscriptions, click the 'Publicize' tab. And about four links down on the left, click 'Email Subscriptions'. Then click 'Activate'. You're almost done.
  10. To link to this feed from your profile, make sure you are signed into Blogger. Click on your profile--if you are a contributor to sdtjdph, this will be on the right hand side of the blog--then click 'edit your profile'.
  11. In the 'About Me' text box, you can put the following: <a href="">Subscribe to my posts on SDTJDPH by email or reader</a>
  12. But instead of 'sdtjdphAdministrator', you'll want to put the address you gave your feed. If you forget what this is, go back to feedburner and click 'Edit Feed Details' just below the title of your feed (the biggest letters on the page), and look in the box to the right of "Feed Address".
  13. Click 'Save Profile'. When you view your profile, there should now be a link to a web page of your feed. There, you should see links to subscribe by email or by reader. See my profile for an example.
Once you have your own feed URL, you can do all sorts of things:
  • display the most recent three titles of your posts on a web page,
  • have your posts appear on your Facebook profile,
  • and on and on--
If you have new ideas to add to the list, let me know. If you'd like help with the two ideas I've listed, let me know too.

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