Tuesday, December 18, 2007


San Diego is getting a little closer to needing to aggregate all the local "food policy" information - - like Vancouver, other cities.

As a demo (and this could be used for real!) I set up this blog and invited


to all be contributors. Do you know of any others who might want to post events or news here? Email me at cleath at j9k dot org or comment on this post.

Once you sign up, it may be as easy as sending an email to post to the blog--so there should be no (technical or time) excuse for not posting here.

Once you are signed up you can create and share a profile which will display in a "Contributors" box on this page.

It is also easy to display this blog's feed on your site (ask me how--feedburner has a feature that enables this), and it is easy for people to subscribe to the feed so they can be notified when new events or news are posted.

Streetsblog and Planetizen's Interchange are two examples of collaborative blogs.

I hope "food policy" doesn't sound too crusty--we can change it.

At one point I had "San Diego (& Tijuana?)" in the title. . . If you know of Tijuana groups, we can broaden the focus.

Eventually, though, we'll want to enable a narrower focus and have neighborhood- and street-level announcements.

See http://www.nycstreets.org/projects for an example of that.

It looks like Local Power San Diego has been making efforts to set something like that up.

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