Friday, December 28, 2007

Jamul project

[In the long run, I'm not sure this sort of thing will be posted to
this blog--but maybe it would be. In the next week or so I'll be
writing up a more complete proposal about where this blog could go.]

This opportunity was posted on the sdpg list,
and Marc Bailey managed to arrange it so I could ride out there with him.

It is in effect a paid local permaculture internship (I don't know how
many more could be paid at this point, but it couldn't hurt to call
Josh), and one of the most wonderful opportunities I've had in San

Marc and I both got to use a bobcat excavator yesterday to dig swales!

Josh is great.


"plant your water before you plant your plants" (Brad Lancaster?) -- a saying I learned.

Hey Folks,

My name is Josh Robinson and I live in Flagstaff,
Arizona where I own a permaculture based landscape
design company called Eden on Earth
I will be visiting San Diego for a couple of weeks
during the holidays where I will be doing some
permaculture landscaping at my folks home and I am
looking for some helping hands. The site is in Jamul
which is in east county. The project is removing a
lawn and replacing it with an edible and water
harvesting landscape. This is PAID work and a great
way for people to get some hands-on experience
learning permaculture. The pay will be somewhere
between $10-15/hour. Work will begin somewhere around
December 26th and last a week or so. I have extensive
experience installing both passive and active
rainwater harvesting systems in drylands environments
so you will learn much while making a bit of cash.

Please contact me asap if you or someone else you know
is interested in this job.

Josh Robinson
rolling_stone123 at

PS. I am also interested to see some permaculture
sites that other people are working on in the area so
please contact me about that as well.

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