Saturday, February 16, 2008

Videos, Photos, & Links tagged 'sdtjdph'

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Videos in the sdtjdph group at YouTube
It's not perfect--not all of the videos in the group are displayed below. You can also tag the videos you upload with 'sdtjdph'. Wait 12+ hours for newly-tagged videos to appear in the search results and

Photos tagged 'sdtjdph' at Picasa

Just exploring what is possible!

We can probably merge feeds from multiple sources--which content-sharing sites do you like best?

If you start tagging things so they show up here, add other tags too--such as 'sdfoodnotlawns' or a tag unique to your organization--so we can sort things out later.

If you have a whole album of photos related to an event, consider tagging only one 'sdtjdph', and caption it with the name of the event.

This post was inspired by Streetsblog.

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