Friday, March 7, 2008

March 7, 2008 Weekly Share - SDTJDPH

I'm testing out the idea of creating a weekly newsletter that I post to SD/TJ Design, Plant, Harvest. The newsletter will have sections that I will email out separately to several email lists. I'll need volunteers to help keep this going by contributing and also to help post if I'm not near a computer that week. I have started a separate blog to be used for contributing to the newsletter and preparing the weekly newsletter. Basically, email your contributions to sdtjdph.share at, following the format I've used below. The newsletter has its own feed, and you also can subscribe to it by email. If any errors are discovered after posting, they will be corrected in the version at SDTJDPH.


Item types
  • Event, News, Resource
Item categories
  • Food, Urban, Collaboration
Urban Design (for a permaculture)
Collaboration (Media & Politics)

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